Helping businesses establish the foundation they need to

If you run your own business, you deserve to live life on your terms.

LSR Consultants works with owners and managers of growing small and medium-sized businesses to develop actionable business strategies, build productive relationships with their teams, and achieve consistent and measurable results always focused on building a solid foundation for a profitable, sustainable business while still having time for your life.

What We Do


Mastermind Groups

LSR Consulting gives you access to invaluable peer support and mentorship through a range of business-building mastermind groups.


Business Coaching & Consulting

LSR specializes in partnering with business owners to create business models that support their long-term career and personal goals.


Leadership Training

Our certified business coaches will guide you to become a stronger, more confident, and more effective leader.

“Becoming a strong business leader doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Our mission is to help business owners develop effective strategies, empowered teams, and efficient processes that allow them to achieve their full potential and profitable and successful business – and live the life they want.”

-Lynne Roe, Founder & Lead Coach

Our Coaches

Our Coaches

Our experienced coaches provide the support and guidance business owners need to transform their operations by planning for, addressing, and resolving the issues that stand in the way of success. And build a sustainable business model that aligns with their professional and personal goals.