Whether you own a software or IT services firm, manufacturing plant or a large-scale construction company, if you are operating a business with your family, interpersonal and intergenerational issues are bound to arise.


Most business owners chose to start their own companies so they could make the decisions that influence their professional and personal lives. However, many find that running their business has meant that they don’t have the freedom they wanted.


It’s not always easy to leverage your expertise and step into a leadership role in the workplace. After all, no one is a polished expert in all facets of running a business.


LSR Consultants is a business coaching practice specializing in family businesses and leadership training. We work with owners and executives of small and medium-sized businesses on leadership initiatives and training, improving communication and relationships between business owners, managers and their teams, and identifying and overcoming the challenges professionals face on the road to leadership success.

Family-owned businesses have a special set of issues when it comes to interpersonal communication, mutual respect, business strategy and succession planning. And, companies of all sizes must continually develop their best and brightest management stars to become leaders in their field, in order to fuel corporate growth and maintain the competitive advantage.

Many discover that strong business leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone, regardless of their business acumen. That’s where LSR Consultants comes in.

   Becoming a strong business leader doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It’s immensely satisfying for us to help business owners and managers overcome the challenges they face on the road to leadership success.