Most business owners chose to start their own companies so they could make the decisions that influence their professional and personal lives. However, many find that running their business has meant that they don’t have the freedom they wanted.

They are also the ones their employees turn to for guidance; but who do they go to for unbiased advice when dealing with challenges and opportunities?

You don’t have to do it all alone! Instead, develop your full potential and the freedom to live the life you want through the invaluable peer support and mentorship provided by The Alternative Board (TAB) of Northern New Jersey.

Our business coaches expertly facilitate peer advisory groups for TAB members seeking the business advice and counsel of their peers. By working with like-minded business owners, you’ll enjoy the support of trusted colleagues who share ideas and insights into company leadership and workplace issues. Together, you’ll tackle business challenges and develop new solutions as the facilitators draw out each member’s area of expertise to help participants achieve their business goals.

In addition, those who join a TAB board have the benefit of one-on-one business coaching to help you achieve your goals—goals that support the life you’re working hard to live!

Find out more about The Alternative Board contact Lynne Roe at or 
(201) 248-6606.

  The one-on-one coaching you’ll receive supports the great work you do with your peers, and puts your professional goals in better synch with your personal life.