Whether you own a software or IT services firm, manufacturing plant or a large-scale construction company, if you are operating a business with your family, interpersonal and intergenerational issues are bound to arise.

Lynne Roe, a certified business coach, works with family-owned businesses to build stronger trust and respect among family members, especially those between the different generations. She guides each family member to bring forth his or her strengths and develop communication skills that build greater collaboration among the team. Through this work, families develop better listening skills and a cohesive business strategy they all support.

As family members learn how to work toward common goals and gain consensus, the business will always be moving in an agreed-upon direction.

Family business succession
Once the business owner has chosen a successor, Lynne can address any leadership issues that may hinder that person’s readiness to take the reins and guide the business into a profitable future. If needed, she will also work with the successor to develop a transition plan and outline future goals.  

Additionally, Lynne can help the business owner identify the ideal traits for the kind of people they need to fill key roles in management, sales and other key operational areas.

The result is a smoother operation today, a stronger positioning for tomorrow, and the cultivation of leadership that will guide the company into the next generation.

Are you thinking about the next step for your family-owned business? Contact Lynne Roe at or (201) 248-6606 to start planning a smooth transition.

  The success of a family business—of any business—lies in outstanding communication, great teamwork and excellent planning.