It’s not always easy to leverage your expertise and step into a leadership role in the workplace. After all, no one is a polished expert in all facets of running a business. Issues of communication styles, natural behaviors, beliefs and values, hands-on experience, education and more are all part of the mix.

The certified business coaches of LSR Consultants understand the delicate balances that business leaders must strike. To that end, LSR offers training workshops and one-on-one training in leadership development for corporate executives, managers, family and closely-held businesses, and non-profit directors. These trainings will guide you to become a stronger, more confident leader as you learn to identify and be your authentic self, improve your interpersonal communication, and build trust within your team—the three core elements of LSR Consultants’ leadership training program.

Contact LSR Consultants for information about our training programs at lynne@lsrconsultants.com or (201) 248-6606.

  Business coaching helps you develop your areas of opportunity and bring out the ‘who you really are,’ to become a more confident, well-rounded leader.