What We Do

Regardless of their industry, most business owners have the same basic concerns. Tops among them are planning for a profit, managing cash flow, strategic planning, employee and staffing issues, marketing, and exit planning. As business leaders, they often do not have access to expertise or advice from professionals they can trust.

This is where LSR Consultants comes in.

Lynne Roe and her experienced coaching partners provide the support and guidance business owners need to plan for, address, and resolve the issues that are keeping them from achieving their goals. We help growing businesses establish the solid foundation they need to succeed by focusing on three key areas:


Setting a clear direction


Determining How to get there


Making it happen every week 

Our “Invisible CEO” process helps business owners design or transform their business so that it can run without them.

We start where the business owner feels there is the greatest need. Using a 7-step process, we work together to develop strategies and solutions to effectively manage operations day to day and consistently facilitate growth:

  1. Plan strategically for profit and  to reach your business growth goals
  2. Develop a momentum plan for consistent action towards your growth
  3. Identify key drivers for your business and key performance tracking
  4. Determine your market strategy
  5. Optimize your staffing and plan for hiring needs as you grow
  6. Develop business processes to streamline your actions
  7. Understand the financial impact of growth and plan for it

Our Services

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Business owners often start companies so they can make the decisions that influence their professional and personal lives. But over time, they may discover that running their own business doesn’t give them the freedom they want.

LSR specializes in partnering with business owners to create business models that support their long-term career and personal goals. Clients come to us for help with concerns ranging from strategic business growth and team-building tactics to preparing for future leadership. Our experienced coaches provide the support and guidance business owners need to transform their operations and position themselves for success by planning for, addressing, and resolving these issues.

For those who run family-owned and -operated businesses, our consulting services enable stronger intergenerational listening between family members that builds greater trust and respect. We also help identify and develop the company’s future leaders, and groom younger family members or key employees to become the next generation of business owners.

As a business owner, company president or chief executive, your team relies on you for guidance and support. But who do you turn to for unbiased insights and advice?

LSR Consulting gives you access to invaluable peer support and mentorship through a range of business-building mastermind groups. These groups of like-minded business owners and professionals provide a forum for sharing challenges and concerns, and from which to glean powerful feedback to improve your business and become a better leader.

We facilitate several groups geared towards entrepreneurs/solopreneurs as well as businesses with multiple employees. They include:

  • The Alternative Board (TAB) of Northern New Jersey
  • Women, Wisdom & Wine
  • Women Entrepreneurs Board (WEB)
  • Owners Strategy Council


With online and in-person options available, these peer advisory groups are hosted by our certified Mastermind facilitators, who combine years of corporate experience with business coaching expertise. Working together with other business owners, you’ll tackle business challenges and develop new solutions as the facilitators draw out each member’s area of expertise. You’ll also build strong business relationships with colleagues you come to trust and respect – people who have your back and want to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is a mastermind group?” Click to watch this video:


Effective leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Regardless of their acumen, it’s the rare business owner who is a polished expert in all facets of running their company.

The certified business coaches at LSR Consultants offer leadership development workshops and one-on-one training programs that will guide you to become a stronger, more confident, and more effective leader.

You may already recognize areas in which you could improve your leadership skills, such as interpersonal communication, developing trust within your team, and being authentic. Or perhaps your company’s existing leadership development program is not delivering the desired results. Either way, LSR will customize a training program to fit your particular needs, style, and goals – one that identifies your strengths and establishes achievable goals for you and your team.

Our work together will include:

  • Developing leadership skills for you and your staff
  • Building trust with and between members of your team
  • Improving communication with employees, vendors, partners, and colleagues
  • Learning how to capitalize on being authentic in the workplace 
  • Aligning your professional and personal goals 
  • Tactics to increase the value of your business

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