Mastermind Groups

Your team relies on you for guidance and support – but who do you turn to for unbiased insights and advice?

LSR Consulting gives you access to invaluable peer support and mentorship through a range of business-building mastermind groups. These groups of like-minded business owners and professionals provide a forum for sharing challenges and concerns, and from which to glean powerful feedback to improve your business and become a better leader.

We facilitate peer advisory groups geared towards entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and businesses with multiple employees. These include:

  • The Alternative Board (TAB) of Northern New Jersey
  • Women, Wisdom & Wine
  • Women Entrepreneurs Board (WEB)
  • Owners Strategy Council

Virtual and in-person groups are hosted by certified Mastermind facilitators who combine years of corporate experience with business coaching expertise. Working together with other business owners, you’ll tackle challenges and develop solutions as the facilitators draw out each member’s area of expertise. You’ll also build strong business relationships with people who have your back and want to help you achieve your goals.

What is a mastermind group? Click to watch this video.

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